New Golden Route

Nature & Experience

Course 519 days trip

Discover the nature that sculpted Japanese culture along Japan's Original Golden Route.

  • Good for: Families
  • The best time to visit: Summer


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DAY 13

from Yamanakaonsen Bus stop to Kagaonsen Sta. by Bus - 35 min.

from Kagaonsen Sta. to Katsuyama Sta. by Train - 110 min.

by Bus - 15 min.

Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum

Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum

A world-class museum specializing in dinosaurs. Visitors of all ages can enjoy over 40 dinosaur skeletons.




by Taxi - 40 min.

Echizen Washi Village(Traditional Hands-on Experience:Echizen Paper)

Echizen Washi Village(Traditional Hands-on Experience:Echizen Paper)

The Imadare area of Echizen city has 1500 years of tradition of producing Echizen Paper. At "Papyrus House", a hands-on paper-making facility located within Echizen Washi Village, visitors can make their own washi paper and then decorate it with pressed flowers, dyes, and more, making postcards, business cards, fans and lampshades or other goods with their own hand-made paper.

60 min.


by Taxi - 20 min.

from Takefu Sta. to Awarayunomachi Sta. by Train - 65 min.

Awara Onsen (Hot Spring)

Awara Onsen (Hot Spring)

Fukui's finest hot spring town, boasting 130 years of history since its opening. The plaza in front of Awara-Yunomachi Sta. features a free public foot bath and a variety of small restaurants. At the Dento Geinokan (Traditional Performing Arts Hall), visitors can have a lesson from real geisha, and enjoy a taiko drum performance or traditional geisha games.

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Awara Onsen (Hot Spring)

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