New Golden Route

Nature / Outdoor

Course 615 days trip

Discover the nature that sculpted Japanese culture along Japan's Original Golden Route.

  • Good for: Couples
  • The best time to visit: Spring/Autumn


35.987442, 137.647492

DAY 10

from Hida-Furukawa Sta. to Wakuraonsen Sta. by Train - 165 min.

by Taxi - 10 min.

Bicycling along Nanao Bay

Bicycling along Nanao Bay

The Noto Peninsula is surrounded by the sea of Japan, with breathtaking coastlines. Enjoy bicycling on roads along the beautiful coast.

180 min.


Yuttari Park (Footbath)

Yuttari Park (Footbath)


Wakura Onsen (Hot Spring)

Wakura Onsen (Hot Spring)

At Wakura Onsen (Hot Spring), you can enjoy the hotspring looking out over the sea.

You will also find traditional Japanese inns where attendants dressed in kimonos will wait on you and serve you in classic Japanese hospitality.

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Wakura Onsen (Hot Spring)

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