New Golden Route

Nature / Outdoor

Course 615 days trip

Discover the nature that sculpted Japanese culture along Japan's Original Golden Route.

  • Good for: Couples
  • The best time to visit: Spring/Autumn


35.987442, 137.647492


from Omiya Sta. to Nakanojo Sta. by Train - 95 min.

from Nakanojo Sta. to Shimako Bus stop by Bus - 15 min.


Shima Lake Canoeing by Lakewalk

Shima Lake Canoeing by Lakewalk

The lake has a mysterious color that fascinates those who look upon it. As the light changes over the course of the day, it changes shades countless times. Canoeing makes a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of this lake.

150 min.


by Bus - 25 min.

Shima Onsen (Hot Spring)

Shima Onsen (Hot Spring)

Located in the mountains on the border between Gunma Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture, by the Shima River, this long, narrow hot spring district is lined with historical old-world inns. It was designated as the first national hot spring health resort in 1954.

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Shima Onsen (Hot Spring)

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