New Golden Route

History / Tradition / Culture

Course 416 days trip

Follow in the ancient footsteps of generations past on Japan's Original Golden Route.

  • Good for: Couples
  • The best time to visit: Spring/Autumn


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Day 10

from Kanazawa Sta. to Fukui Sta. by Train - 50 min.

by Bus - 30 min.

Eiheiji Temple

Eiheiji Temple

Daihonzan Eihei-ji Temple was opened in 1244. Its' grounds are dotted with more than 70 Buddhist sanctums.

80 min.


Echizen Soba

by Bus - 15 min.

from Eiheijiguchi Sta. to Katsuyama Sta. by Train - 30 min.

by Taxi - 15 min.

Hakusan Heisenji Shirine

Hakusan Heisenji Shirine

Opened in the year 717 as a base for faith in the sacred mountain Mt. Hakusan. Once upon a time, the surrounding area was one of Japan's most popular religious towns. The quiet and spacious grounds are famous for beautiful moss.

70 min.


by Taxi - 10 min.

from Katsuyama Sta. to Awarayunomachi Sta. by Train - 90 min.

Awara Onsen (Hot Spring)

Awara Onsen (Hot Spring)

Fukui's finest hot spring town, boasting 130 years of history since its opening. The plaza in front of Awara-Yunomachi Sta. features a free public foot bath and a variety of small restaurants. At the Dento Geinokan (Traditional Performing Arts Hall), visitors can have a lesson from real geisha, and enjoy a taiko drum performance or traditional geisha games.


Awara Onsen (Hot Spring)

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