New Golden Route

The way of life

Course 18 days trip

Dive deep into the living landscapes, townscapes, and metropolises of Japan's Original Golden Route.

  • Good for: Couples
  • The best time to visit: Autumn


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Day 8

from Osaka Sta. to Umeda Sta. on Foot - 10 min.

from Umeda Sta. to Temmabashi Sta. by Train - 25 min.

Osaka Castle Park

Osaka Castle Park

An extensive park with a total area of 105.6 ha, located in the center of Osaka. In the Osaka Castle Park are several historic structures including the castle tower, in addition to the Nishinomaru Garden with some 300 cherry trees, an ume (plum) orchard boasting 1,270 ume trees in 100 varieties, and other spots where visitors can enjoy seasonal flowers. The Osaka Castle Band Shell and Osaka-jo Hall are popular venues for music concerts. Sports facilities, such as a kyudo (Japanese archery) ground and the Shudokan gymnasium, are also located in the park. The spring/autumn potted plant market, the night cherry blossom viewing in the Nishinomaru Garden, and other annual events are held in the park.

100 min.


from Temmabashi Sta. to Nammba Sta. by Train - 25 min.

Dotonbori Area

Dotonbori Area

Known as the central heart of Osaka’s busy Minami district, Dotonbori is well-known for scenes such as tourists crowded around the famous Glico sign to take commemorative photographs. Few people know the origin of the area’s name, however, which in fact comes from Yasui Doton, who poured his life savings into a river excavation project 12 years after the decisive battle of SekigaharaLater, the southern side of Dotonbori became home to small theater houses, soon developing into the go-to local district for performing arts including kabuki, puppet theater, gidayu theater, pageant-style shows, and more.

220 min.


Local food

from Nammba Sta. to Tennoji Sta. by Train - 10 min.

Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store

Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store

A short walk from JR/Subway Tennoji station and Kintetsu Abenobashi station, this facility consists of 16 floors (B2F to 14F) of Abeno Harukas, the tallest building of its type in Japan. Designed under the theme of a "town-like place", the diverse variety of shops include premium brands and trendy shops. Its 44 restaurants seat 2800 customers, accommodating on-site free Wifi.

110 min.


From Osaka Sta. to Kansai International Airport.

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