New Golden Route

The way of life

Course 18 days trip

Dive deep into the living landscapes, townscapes, and metropolises of Japan's Original Golden Route.

  • Good for: Couples
  • The best time to visit: Autumn


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Day 2

on Foot - 30 min.


Toki no Kane (“Bell of Time”)

Toki no Kane (“Bell of Time”)

Built by the lord of the Kawagoe domain about 400 years ago, this bell marks the time four times a day. It is a symbol of the traditional town where many old storehouses can be found.


on Foot - 15 min.

Osawa Family Residence


on Foot - 5 min.

Penny Candy Alley

Penny Candy Alley

A popular spot in Kawagoe with many shops selling sweets and candy.You should try the traditional boiled sweets, rice candy and sweet potato cakes, a local speciality.

40 min.


by Bus - 10 min.

Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine

Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine

This historic shrine is said to have existed since the 6th century.
It is also known as a lucky shrine for marriage.

30 min.


by Bus - 30 min.

from Kawagoe Sta. to Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi Sta. by Train - 185 min.

by Bus - 25 min.

Kusatsu Onsen (Hot Spring)

Kusatsu Onsen (Hot Spring)

One of the most famous Japan's hot spring resorts. This hot spring resort boasts the highest yield of natural hot spring water in Japan, and is built around the source of the hot spring, known as Yubatake.


Kusatsu Onsen (Hot Spring)

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