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Tsumago Post Town

Nagano Sta.

Nagiso Town, Nagano Pref.

Tsumago Post Town

Tsumago-juku, deep in the Kiso Mountains, is the 42nd of 69 post towns on the feudal Tokyo-to-Kyoto Nakasendo Road. After World War II, the townspeople started to restore the buildings to the way they were back in the Edo era, one of the first such projects in the country. Many visitors choose to add to the experience by walking the 8 kilometers from here to Magome, the next post town down the road. Many areas along the way have the original stone pavers. Here you can really get a sense of Japan’s feudal history.

  • 8 min. Magome line bus from Nagiso Sta. (JR Chuo Line)
  • +81-0264-57-4036
  • Azuma, Nagiso Town
  • Walking the post town is free.
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35.57758338417275, 137.59572136081724

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