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Yakisaba somen (Yokaro)

Hikone Sta.

Nagahama City, Shiga Pref.

Yakisaba somen (Yokaro)

The Hokkoku Kaido Road once thronged with travelers and merchants, and many old temples, shrines and buildings remain standing along it, of which Yokaro is one. They are most famous for their "fried mackerel somen" noodles, a traditional Nagahama household dish often served at religious ceremonies and events in which sweet and sour fried mackerel is stewed with noodles.

  • Approx. 5 min. walk from Nagahama Sta.
  • +81-749-63-3663
  • 7-8 Motohama-cho, Nagahama City,Shiga Pref.
  • Open at 10:30(Closed when sold out)
  • Mon.
  • from 950 yen
  • Website

35.380433, 136.267131

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