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Omi Merchant Cityscape (Shinmachi Street)

Omi-Hachiman Sta.

Omihachiman City, Shiga Pref.

Omi Merchant Cityscape (Shinmachi Street)

The old townscape is especially well preserved in the vicinity of the Shinmachi area, and is a designated Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings. The cityscape was erected from the end of the Edo period  through the Meiji period , and is a popular spot as the home of the Omi merchants.

  • Approx. 6 min. by bus from JR Omi-Hachiman Sta. to Obatacho Shiryokan Mae bus stop
  • +81-748-32-7048
  • Shinmachi, Omi-Hachiman City, Shiga
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