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Namba Yasaka Jinja Shrine

Osaka Sta.

Osaka City, Osaka

Namba Yasaka Jinja Shrine

Namba Yasaka Shrine has long been worshipped as the tutelary shrine of the Namba district. Although the shrine was once prosperous enough to have a shichido garan (seven standard buildings of a Buddhist temple complex), it declined due to wartime fires. After the Meiji Restoration of the 19th century, the temple was abolished because of a government edict ordering the separation of Shintoism and Buddhism, and in 1945, the shrine's buildings were burned down in air raids. The current shrine buildings are post-war reconstructions. The enormous lion head-shaped building, measuring 12 meters high, 11 meters wide, is particularly eye-catching. The Tug-of-War Ritual, held annually on the third Sunday in January, is based on a Japanese myth that Susano-no-Mikoto, the enshrined deity, killed the large serpent god, Yamata-no-orochi, freeing the people from hardship. In 2001, this ritual was designated Osaka City's first intangible folk cultural property.

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