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Hozenji Yokocho (Hozenji Temple Alleyway)

Osaka Sta.

Osaka City, Osaka

Hozenji Yokocho (Hozenji Temple Alleyway)

Nestled in the midst of Minami, one of Osaka’s most chaotic districts, is a quietly exotic side street.Turning off a narrow alleyway from the Sennichimae shopping road, a wooden sign is visible that reads “Hozenji Yokocho” (Hozenji Temple Alleyway).

Continuing down the cobbled street glistening with water, the fragrance of incense wafts across from the left-hand side. Straight ahead lies the Mizukake Fudo-son statue, which visitors ladle with water as they ask for blessings, leaving it perpetually coated with an atmospheric layer of green moss.

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