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Marigold Hill Park

Honjōwaseda Sta.

Honjo City, Saitama Pref.

Marigold Hill Park

This park is east of Honjo-Waseda station. From the hill with the sundial, you can see Mt. Akagi, Mt. Haruna, and the other mountains surrounding Honjo. The park is known for seasonal beauty, with marigolds in autumn, light-ups in winter, and flowers all year round.

  • [from JR Honjowaseda Sta.] Approx. 5 min. walk (about 0.5km)
    [From JR Takasaki Line Honjo Sta.] by local bus from north gate to Honjo Waseda Sta. bus stop
  • +81-495-25-1137
  • 1-13, Wasedanomori, Honjo City, Saitama
  • Free parking: 9:00-17:00
    Illumination period: 9:00-22:00
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36.2176495540394, 139.18427760221022

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