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Inami Woodcarving/Yoka-machi Street

Shin-Takaoka Sta.

Nanto City, Toyama Pref.

Inami Woodcarving/Yoka-machi Street

Inami carvings using quality natural wood are used for decorating Japanese-style houses, temples and shrines. 200 to 300 types of chisels and carving knives are used to produce stereoscopic and dynamic designs.
You will hear the sounds of wooden mallets if you walk along the Yoka-machi street, in which many carving studios are located. The street is decorated with many woodcarvings of the seven good luck gods and 12 oriental zodiac symbols. The area feels like a wood carving museum.

  • 20 min. on the Nanto-Kanazawa line bus from Johana Sta.
  • inami, Nanto-shi
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36.56027304085896, 136.97109271733837

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