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Port of Humanity Tsuruga Museum

Tsuruga Sta.

Tsuruga City, Fukui Pref.

Port of Humanity Tsuruga Museum

In 1920, Sugihara Chiune, Japan's Vice-Consul in Kaunas, Lithuania, issued "visas for life" to Jews fleeing presecution by the Nazis. This museum explores their history in Tsuruga, where they came ashore in Japan, along with Polish orphans rescued in Siberia.

  • Approx. 10 min. by bus (community bus “Coast Line” or “Gurutto Tsuruga shuyu bus (Tsuruga Excursion Line Bus)” from JR Tsuruga Sta. to Kanegasaki-ryokuchi park
  • +81-770-37-1035
  • 44-1 Kanegasaki-cho, Tsuruga City, Fukui
  • 9:00-17:00
  • New Year holidays
  • 100 yen (requested donation)
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