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Mikuni-Minato Machi

Awaraonsen Sta.

Sakai City, Fukui Pref.

Mikuni-Minato Machi

Located right next to Mikuni Port, Mikuni-Minato Machi flourished for centuries as the port of call for the Kitamae ships that would travel to destinations like Hokkaido or Osaka. With its latticed townhouses and families that trace back to the wealthy merchants of the day, it's easy to feel the liveliness of the town in its heyday even today.

  • Approx. 16 min. by bus from JR Awaraonsen Sta. bus stop to Awarayunomachi bus stop, Approx. 9 min. by Echizen railway (Mikuni-Awara line) from Awara Yunomachi Sta. to Mikuni Sta., Approx. 7 min. walk
  • +81-776-82-8552 (Mikuni Minato Townhouse Hall)
  • Kitahon-machi / Minamihon-machi / Shinmei, Mikuni-cho, Sakai city
  • Always open to the public
  • Open 365 days
  • Free
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